Family photography is about relationships and true connections. We will start off with the traditional smiling portrait where everyone looking at the camera (as I call them the “grandparents favorite”), but the real treasure is to capture the in-between moments – it’s the holding hands or a simple embrace that documents the love and connection between the people you adore.


This life is too important to waste it not capturing the real, true season of life you are in. It’s the little moments of a mama’s snuggle with her teen son or the little spin and twirl between a daddy and his little girl. Lifestyle family photography is directed, not posed. We work to guide you into positions that feel and look natural, as well as prompt you to get the incredible images she is known for. We will spend time talking, laughing, playing games all while creating memories to look at for years to come.




I am sure you’ve heard it a million times…”they grow up way too fast” or “enjoy it while you can”. These statements are not only true but also sometimes hard to see while you’re in amidst of sleepless nights, never-ending feedings and lugging of car seats, worried about your tiny humans, if you’re doing enough. Within this time that you may feel the days are long, lies some core memories and moments in your journey through parenthood.


I strive to document a little moment for you to remember your little one’s smile, grin, laughter & special milestones.



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